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Whether you are a start-up, a small business or enterprise, you can count on us for your advertising needs.

We provide:

  • Custom Video Advertising Campaigns for Television
  • Custom Video Ads for your channels on Youtube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.
  • NY 391U (or similar laws) compliance to ensure you do not charge Pink Tax (higher prices for women) and to make sure customers can request Price List for your products and services
  • Video testimonials promoting your products/services (subject to FCC laws)
  • Video news / spokesperson services
  • Explainer Videos (featuring simple text or a character) for your products / services
  • Integrating Video Ads and/or Video Ad Campaigns into your blog, website or online stores

Our unique features:

  • We host your Video Ads on your websites, Youtube channel or our servers
  • Unlimited edits for your Video Ads as needed
  • Closed captions for all your Video Ads (which can be turned on/off as needed)
  • Special effects and compression for your Video Ads as needed
  • One free Virtual Private Server (VPS)
NOTE: Prices below do not include Video Production Costs (such as Studio costs, permits, licenses). These costs will be passed on to you. Similarly, some Ad Campaigns incur additional charges towards Photo Shoots with models.
For 1 year

Advertising Service for 1 year (20 hours per month). Ideal for start-ups and small businesses on budget. Discount offered for a 5-year contract.

$25 000

For 1 year

Marketing Service for 1 year (40 hours per month). Recommended for most businesses. Discount offered for a 5-year contract.

$50 000

Request quote for custom marketing

Recommended for those with custom marketing needs. Usually for other Marketing Agencies and Enterprises.

Photo Shoots with models

Photo Shoot with models to create photographs and short video clips, to be used for marketing your products and services. The price is for a single shoot (lasts 5-6 hours) with a single model.